The 2015 Emmys award show was broadcast last night, one of the biggest award shows in show business cataloguing excellence in television. It was a night of a few very notable moments, and mostly satisfying picks. Let’s just dive right in and talk about what went well, what didn’t, and what else was worth noting.


There were a couple of terrific acceptance speeches last night. Viola Davis delivered the speech of the night, seen below via YouTube, reflecting upon the weight of her accomplishment as the first black woman to win Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Jeffey Tambor also had a lovely speech, thanking the transgender community for their support and their courage. Overall it was clear that the tone of the night’s speeches was one of encouraging the righting of social wrongs.


Tracy Morgan, still recovering from his accident last year, made an inspiring appearance. He looked good, although very somber, and spoke earnestly about the support he’s received. He stumbled a couple of times, and it’s clear that he’s still recovering, but he did show flashes of the old Tracy. For example, he assured the women in the audience that some of them would be getting pregnant after the show.

Hamm wins, but snubs elsewhere

Jon Hamm finally won Best Actor, in his last year portraying Don Draper on “Mad Men”. Many speculated, apparently correctly, that there was no way they could snub Hamm this year after years of waiting.

That doesn’t mean there weren’t snubs, though. Jonathan Banks did not win for his excellent performance in “Better Call Saul”, and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” was snubbed across the board. Amy Poehler did not win for her last year as Leslie Knope on “Parks & Recreation”. Quite frankly, there should be as much outrage over this as there would have been if Hamm hadn’t won, but it seems to be a footnote to most.

Other Winners

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” got to collect one last round of Emmys on its way out, “Transparent” brought home Amazon’s first five Emmys, and then I think “Game of Thrones” won everything else. The show is great, yes, but how frustrating must it be to have to go up against it in any given category?

Overall it seems like, despite a few notable snubs, this year’s Emmys awards seem to have gone to their rightful owners. Next year should be interesting, with the end “Mad Men” creating a nice opportunity for other drama shows to step up. Early prediction: still mostly “Game of Thrones”.

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