This week’s episode of The League, “The Draft of Innocence”, proceeds as a normal episode until suddenly shit gets weird. The grade is relatively arbitrary; I genuinely can’t decide if it was a good episode or not. But nonetheless… Let’s go ahead and dive right in.

The Good

Russell (Rob Huebel) is back! He supposedly has reigned in the sex addiction once again, but it seems that cheese is his newest vice; he has plans to vacation in Wisconsin suspiciously close to a giant cheese festival.

Andre and Meegan are brilliant as a couple, as they are both the worst. Meegan is almost more perfect than Trixie was at matching Andre’s obnoxious energy and taste. They come up with the idea of a Gilded Age theme for the draft, and everyone has to just go along with it.

Pete brings Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas) as his plus-one, and Rafi is always a welcomed presence in any episode. Mantzoukas has a few gems tonight, from treating a watermelon like his girlfriend to shouting in favor of homicide in a street fight because he “wants to see a ghost.”

The Bad

Why is the draft suddenly auction-based after all these years? It seemed like a strange change to make, with the only noticeable effect being Rafi’s kidnapping fiasco.

The episode ends on a very bizarre note, with Andre heroically fighting off the gang of Asian chefs(?) who were threatening the gang. Where the hell did that come from? Has winning the Shiva given Andre some sort of invincibility? I’m not even sure this is a bad thing, it was just jarring.

Other Observations

  • Ruxin has trouble getting along with anyone in public settings, doesn’t he?
  • Meegan and Andre are “sapiosexuals”, meaning they are attracted to each other’s intelligence. It is amazing how this show manages to make Andre more pretentious, even when it seems impossible to go any further.
  • Taco’s “napkin glove” isn’t a terrible idea.
  • Chuck (Will Forte) returned! But he has “gum” cancer, so that’s a bummer.
  • I wonder how Stephen Rannazzisi’s 9/11 lie revelation will effect the show’s ratings? He screwed up big time, and the show is already pretty low in the ratings… probably a good thing this is the final season.

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