Going a little heavy on the Sunny posts lately, but stick with me here. Today we will revisit the tragic path that young, fresh-faced priest Matthew Mara (Sunny producer David Hornsby) fell down to become the grotesque, street-dwelling Rickety Cricket we know today.

The Beginning

“The Gang Exploits a Miracle” marked the first appearance of young Cricket. Seeing the opportunity to monetize a “miracle”, the Gang (specifically Dee) seeks the help of Mara to bless the virginal stain on their wall. Poor Matty tries to resist the dark cloud of the Gang, but by the end of the episode he decides to leave the priesthood. You see, Mara had a crush on Dee since high school, and Dee manipulated poor Matty into believing she was interested in him (really she just wanted attention), causing him to give up priesthood in favor of being with Dee, a terrible decision by any measure. Matthew Mara died that day, and Rickety Cricket took over. By his next appearance in season three, Cricket is homeless and once again falls victim to a scheme from the Gang — this time they end up getting him addicted to crack, and framed by the Gang into having his legs broken by the local mafia.

The Escalation 

Cricket shows up in a later episode with bionic legs(?), but his more notable appearance comes in the season four premiere, “Mac and Dennis: Manhunters”, wherein Mac and Dennis decide to hunt Cricket for sport (despite Frank’s warnings about his past experiencesviewing of Rambo the night before). Cricket thinks he outsmarts them by aligning with Frank, but naturally he ends up getting tea-bagged by Mac and Dennis in the end.

The next year, the Gang decides that they are going to put on a wrestling show in honor of the troops. Cricket, being on the Gang’s short roster of go-to associates, is enlisted to play the role of Taliban leader. Frank attacks Cricket in the ring and slices his throat open, technically securing a U.S. victory but also putting Cricket in critical condition.

Turning Over a New Leaf?

When the Gang attends their high school reunion, they’re shocked to encounter Cricket looking clean-cut, dressed up in his priest clothing. Could it be that Matty Mora had turned things around? No, it couldn’t; he was stealing jewelry and hiding it, as well as a bad case of ringworms, under his clothing.

From there on out things have only gotten worse for poor Cricket. He lost an eye in a violent disagreement with a stray dog while working as a dog janitor, and then most recently had half of his face burnt off when the Gang’s Thanksgiving beef-squash dinner went awry. At this point, it seems that Cricket will never live a normal life again, and he is shockingly content with this fact.

What happens to Cricket next? Does he get his face fixed? Does he get addicted to heroin? I think heroin is more likely, but maybe that’s just me. We’ll find out soon enough, the new season is coming up in January.

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