I wanted to share a quote I had saved from a while back that I came across today. It comes to us courtesy of Monique Madrid’s lovely interview with Rob Corddry over at Splitsider earlier this year, and comes in response to a question about whether he is more quiet or outgoing. It’s something that I found very relatable, and hopefully others will enjoy as well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I think if I took that test they have, I would probably test as an introvert. I much prefer being alone than to being with people. In my twenties and thirties, I had crippling social anxiety, then I realized it stemmed from childhood. I remember in second grade sitting in the car outside of a kid’s birthday party not wanting to go, in tears and not being able to explain it. My mother being like, “What is the matter with you?” She was angry, because she was confused. And I was confused. I was just afraid of communicating. I went at that hard in my late thirties and conquered it for the most part, but I realized then that my form of comedy and my way of communicating with people in a very seemingly extroverted way is largely born out of having to fill the space and the silence and make everybody else more comfortable. I’m always very sensitive to the vibe in a room and my first instinct is to put everybody at ease and to make them laugh. I think when I was younger that mostly came off as obnoxious, but I wouldn’t have my particular sense of humor if I hadn’t had that problem. It goes back to your first question. Now I’m sort of comfortable sitting still and letting things take care of themselves and knowing that everybody feels similarly to some degree. Everyone is a little uncomfortable.

Rob Corddry, Splitsider interview (2/19/15)

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