In the modern television landscape, we viewers are a bit spoiled these days. There are more options than ever available for our immediate consumption, and these options can become overwhelming. As a result, good shows can fall through the cracks trying to compete with the latest offerings. I believe Comedy Central’s Another Period is falling victim to this phenomenon.

Fresh off its first season and recently renewed for a second, Another Period asks the question, “What if The Real Housewives existed in the early 1900s?” The show centers around the illustrious Bellacourt family of Rhode Island and their shallow yet complicated daily lives. The cast is surprisingly deep, with big names such as Paget Brewster and Christina Hendricks as well as solid veteran actors Brian Huskey, David Koechner, and Michael Ian Black.

The show has received positive reviews, and for good reason. I was able to catch several episodes of the show and found it to be hilarious and very well-written. Unfortunately, it seems that the show became a bit buried in the Comedy Central lineup. Much of their marketing budget goes toward spreading the word about Key and Peele‘s final season or the fact that they have Amy Schumer under contract; not much love was given to a project like Another Period.

It’s a shame, because it really is a great show worth giving a shot. Here is a rather absurd promo clip for the show that can hopefully convince you to check it out:

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